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Die cast lubricants

J&S Chemical entered the Die Cast Industry with the only patented technology known throughout the industry with a product called, Shotbeads®, the environmentally friendly dry plunger lubricant. Since that time, J&S has made enormous advancements, not only with plunger lubricants and its dispensing equipment, but also with the other areas of the die cast process such as mold releases (die lube), micro-porosity sealing quenches, hydraulic fluids, trim lubricants and heat transfer fluids. 

At J&S Chemical we strive to produce the most innovative and efficient products possible through our intimate experience and knowledge of the die casting industry. Our products are “Made for Die Casters by Die Casters”. J&S die cast products are developed in a team effort to fit your precise application needs by experienced, knowledgeable chemists along with a sales and technical support staff with a combined 130 years of hands-on die cast production field experience. To quickly and accurately serve your needs, J&S Chemical is the only die cast chemical manufacturer to produce all of our die cast products in house, eliminating the need of outside toll production. The advantages from both production and employee expertise allows J&S the ability of versatility in solving your application needs. It also ensures product quality, prompt delivery and overall process cost reductions.