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Flame retardants


Aluminum hydroxide [Al (OH) 3], a combustion-driven implementation of elastomers, Trmustiim materials, colors and more - to get the flame retardant features in the final product. It is applied as the main flame retardant or in combination with flame retardants based on other metals. APYRAL of German NABALTEC Company



Antimony Treoksid Sb2O3, marketed as a powder, granular and ointment. Material produced in a variety of configurations, "clean" and treated, a variety ofcombinations with other materials (can be combined with materials according tocustomer's requirement). Antimony is a common combustionprevents material and basic rubber and plastics. French S.I.C.A Chauny company. 

Mort Zinc, Zinc hydroxy Stanat and more environmentally friendly materials. Theseenvironmentally friendly materials, are used as preventing combustion and smokesuppressants, often implemented using a combination of flame retardants based on other metals. The activity of joseph storywas transerep to its new location at SCL Italy facilities. 

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