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Asphalt Mix

J. Rettenmaier & Sohne GmbH + CO

The company JRS – the world leader producer for cellulose fibers, developed and patented the granular fibers, containing bitumen. This development initiate the automatic dosing directly in the asphalt mix plants, followed by new products containing special additives for the production of different asphalt mixes. Most mixes in the world known as SMA, contains the fibers of JRS.

The trade names of our products are:

Viatop and Viatop Plus.


 viatop 66viatop superiorviatop premium

Aspha-min GmbH

  • Aspha-min Product, used as a supplement to asphalt mix. The product, based on the "zeolite", allows to produce asphalt mixtures "less hot" – known as warm asphalts. By decreasing the temperatures at least 30 º C compared to the “normal” temperatures many advantages are provided. The product was developed for many years conducted by a group of MHI and EUROVIA company, and is being used since 1999. Using this material, asphalt mixtures can be produced much lower temperatures, and hence significantly reduce energy consumption for production. In addition, a significantly emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and volatile organic mixtures (VOC) during production. Even during the distribution of the asphalt, the amount of fumes emitted - is significantly reduced. The combination of asphalt mixtures scattering at low temperatures with reduced vapor emissions, improving the working conditions of crews spread considerably. In addition, the reduced temperature allows more rapid opening of the motion segment. Product aspha-min ® has proven to be a contributor workability (workability), for example in situations where the mixture contains a large amount of recycled material, or the harshest of climates. The material can be applied with all types of binders (binders), known in the asphalt. aspha-min ® does not change the manner of production, that is not necessary to prolong the mixing time, ie asphalt plant can work for maximum electricity production. Adding material to the mix is ​​similar to other supplements - together with fulfilled. Dosage: At least 0.3% of upper layers of asphalt mixtures, at least 0.2% lower layers of asphalt mixtures. For this product has many advantages, for example:
    • Production at a lower temperature = energy savings
    • Production at a lower temperature = Reducing air pollution
    • Production at a lower temperature = reducing the exposure of toxic vapor dispersion teams
    • Production at a lower temperature = can transport larger distances asphalt
    • Production at a lower temperature = option open for faster movement.

   the product aspha-min® got recognition and rewards from   different entities in France, Germany and more





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