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About Orian LTD.

The company, which is owned by Eitan Ortner, was established in November 1990 under its current name Orian International Marketing Ltd. As a private company, having developed from a family business founded in the early seventies. Its offices are situated in a suborned area about 20 km north of Tel-Aviv.

The company handles mainly agencies dealing in fine chemicals and equipment for various industries. For special applications the company keeps stocks or engages specialized distributors on the basis of distribution contracts.

At the outset, the company mostly catered to the building and rubber industries, but since 1994 it significantly broadened the scope of it's activities to include a wide range of applications, according to the target set by the management, so as to enable customer to find solution for their specific requirements under one roof.
Currently Orian's staff is devoting special attention to various types of filtration and industrial equipment, including filter aids, Active carbons and other clays, filtration systems, pumps and air separators, etc. Orian also markets a wide range of fire & smoke retardant, additives for PVC and special materials, as well as resins for the rubber and adhesives industry, special fillers, cellulose fibers etc.

In the course of time the company succeeded in signing agency contracts with several leading companies in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Orian International Marketing Ltd. is proud of the reputation and close contacts gained in the Israeli market.

Orian is a member of The Israel Chamber of Commerce. Israel Chamber of Commerce